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CEO Message

「すべての人に "ドラえもん" を届ける」
Invent "Doraemon" for all!

What does Zeals do? We're a "Robotics Company".
We'd like to invent lovable robots like Doraemon and deliver them all over the world to expand people's endless possibilities.
If we can make that happen, we believe we can help many people alleviate their loneliness and lead exciting lives.

The first step towards this future of inventing Doraemon is the development of CHATBOTS, which is exactly what we've been working on.
The word CHATBOT comes from "Chat" and "Bot" (an abbreviation of robot). CHATBOTS are the core technology of communication robots.

We're challenging ourselves to start an "Omotenashi Revolution" which will digitalize Japan's famous customer service and hospitality for companies from various industries that are affected by COVID-19. With our strength and knowledge in CHATBOT technologies that we've developed with our colleagues from all over the world, we'll dedicate ourselves to supporting our clients and helping them transform the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity. Together, we will make this "Omotenashi Revolution" a reality.
From Japan to the world! From CHATBOTS to Doraemon! We'll make it happen!

CEO Masahiro Shimizu