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The Omotenashi


We truly believe that Japanese customer service, called "Omotenashi", is the best in the world. Businesses that provide this wonderful experience are currently going through difficult times due to COVID-19.Utilizing CHATBOTS, our core communication technology, we're challenging the digitalization of this wonderful customer experience through the "Omotenashi Revolution".
With the strength of our CHATBOT technology that's been built up with our global team, we'd like to fully support our front-line clients with adapting to change and overcoming the crisis of COVID-19.
By delivering CHATBOTS inspired by the spirit Omotenashi to the world, with our clients at our side, we will create a new standard of customer service post COVID-19.


    < Passion >

    Good things come from giving it your all

    < Unorthodox >

    Never settle for the established norm

    < Team >

    Teamwork is the heart of achievement



The Omotenashi mind each of our members possesses is called OMOTENASHIP at Zeals and it is our unique concept and word coined from Omotenashi and ship as a suffix. OMOTENASHIP represents our team who are always willing to contribute to the whole organisation with responsibilities including leadership and membership. Although the word Omotenashi is usually used to describe thoughtful services we recognise that it also contains 3 essential elements to quality customer service such as speed, add-on and respect. Omotenashi, what Japan is proudly recognised for by the world, should satisfy everyone across borders. We as a global company with international team members cherish the culture of OMOTENASHIP and we will realise the OMOTENASHI revolution to build the organisation with a team with the world standards.

  • Speed
    respond in the speed of light

    Immediate response to every matter without a pause is crucial when promoting businesses. It essentially determines if we are eager to deliver and that is what we believe impresses clients in the first place.

  • Add-on
    commitment beyond expectation

    The established norm does not stop us from creating a new one. We always endeavour to deliver clients our best with the acts and minds of OMOTENASHIP. Committing beyond both our own limit and clients’ expectation polishes our outputs further.

  • Respect
    accept and appreciate differences

    We highly value a variety of thoughts and opinions and the importance of accepting the differences. Polite and thoughtful communications encourage the team to build more firm relationships.

Framework to support OMOTENASHIP

Zeals have been growing by adapting to rapid changes in society. Our growth could be only achieved with highly motivated team members who are never hesitant to challenge themselves. We also reckon that maintaining an optimal work environment for them to feel comfortable and confident for the challenge is a huge part of our responsibilities. We always try new systems that would encourage the team with various backgrounds to work sustainably in the company. OMOTENASHIP is our traditional but unique way of welcoming new members to the company and preparing them to shine.

  • WAtZ

    This is where our CEO and COO welcome new members with huge gratitudes. You are also welcome to ask them questions about the company history, their backgrounds, and even personal interests including hobbies. Zeals is always open to chit chat!

  • OMOTENICE relay

    This is passing a baton of gratitude to express small (or big!) appreciation that emerges every day within the team. You might find a new face of your colleague you did not know through this heartwarming culture of ours.

  • BoardingPASS

    It is natural to feel nervous to enter an unknown environment especially prior to starting working for a new company. We are always open to help you remove the burden and on Slack your future colleagues welcome you as well as sharing the mission and value we cherish with you.

  • Zeals Will Award

    At Zeals, we act and challenge based on the vision everyday. This award is an important event for all of us as it is when team members who understand and embody the vision are awarded and celebrated and it can be you!!!